This is a series of paintings that I did a week or so ago. They are more gestures, concentrating on simplifying the paint and focusing on direction. Of the three, I like Movement II the most. The movement of the gesture is clear and the blocky wash over top just emphasizes the motion. I also had done a build up of colors under the molding paste with Golden Open acrylics. Which, by the way, are totally awesome paints and amazing to work with. So there just seems to be more depth in Movement II. If my figures could look like this I would be ecstatic.

Movement I 


Movement II

Movement III

This last painting is very similar to the previous three, but I am always interested in squares on a page (or windows) and how they might relate to each other. There is no real progression, except for maybe the last wash of green is stronger as it moves to the right. But mostly it’s more of a comparison of details – variations on a theme. The painting in the middle is particularly interesting. There is an initial wash of green gold that creates interesting negative space within the overall composition.

Three Movements