It has been quite a while since my last post on my blog. Since then I have switched blog formats and have had three children. 

So to get myself motivated back into this idea of blogging I’ve decided to post a figure a week. Some will be Paintings and some will be drawings but all of them will be from fairly short pose lengths, 25 minutes and under. 

You may ask why I even have a blog (I question that myself) part of it is solely just a marketing tool. If you read any book on marketing your artwork or trying to sell your paintings, having a blog is high on the list of things you must do in order to develop a following of people who a. Realize your work exists, and b. Want to buy it. 

I need more reason then that to be putting time and energy into a blog. So this is my hope and purpose for this blog…I’ve always written in some way, some creative writing in school but mostly journaling, and it’s always been for myself. Writing is a great way for me to process ideas and work through problems in a different way then my other creative processes accomplish. So I hope that this blog will be a creative outlet that showcases my creative processes in written and pictorial form and help to make connections between whatever it is exactly I am trying to bring forth in this life time. 

Also, I have a horrible memory, and maybe this will help a little in that department!

Red Woman in Box, gouache and pencil

Red Woman in Box, Figure a Week #1

This piece I have titled Red Woman in a Box. The pose was probably a couple minutes long. I have always been interested in placing boxes around parts of my figures, or creating the image within the box. Although whenever I try and place a Figure inside a box there are always pieces of the figure that do not fit within my box. Anyway, it makes for an interesting composition.