Thinking of Blue by Denise Souza Finney

A Figure A Week ‘Thinking of Blue’

It’s interesting writing about ones work on a weekly basis. It becomes a good exercise about finding what is important in the work that you do, or at least important enough to write about and then share. 

When I draw or paint the Figure I am less interested in capturing any details of the figure itself.  I don’t pay very strong attention to light source and the different degrees of light and shadow that it produces. I don’t completely ignore these things but my real attention is focused on capturing the gesture. That feeling that the body creates when you are sitting mostly with your weight on your left hip and your arms are crossed over your lap and that right shoulder is slumped forward, and maybe this wasn’t such a  comfortable pose to take after all.  I really strive to create an image that describes that movement of the body, which really isn’t a movement, because the person is just sitting there, but they had to arrive there in some fashion. 

Why is this so important? I’m not sure. Every piece in this world is connected and the body is just a miniature depiction of this phenomenon.  The movement of the body is a beautiful choreography of parts that creates the figure. I would rather show that energy that keeps it all together than just the parts.