Series I Three Flamenco Dancers figurative painting by Denise Souza Finney

Three Flamenco Dancers

A Figurative Painting Journey

Here I am again starting my blog with a familiar sentence – It’s been a while since my last post, I have been sooo busy…

And it’s true, but it sounds redundant.

I have been busy – painting!  I am involved in a program called the Creative Visionary Program.  The program is taught by artist Nicholas Wilton.  It is an amazing in depth program.  I am really happy that I am involved in it, but all my social media has gone out the window.

When I am done with the program I will have had some time to digest all the new information that I am learning and write about my experience.

What I will say is that I am working on design A LOT!  And color, and texture, and all sorts of other things which I hope to share here in the future 🙂

Male figurative figure painting by Denise Souza Finney

Bryce With Red Robe