A Figure A Week ‘Four Figure Color Block’

Four Figure Color Block by Denise Souza Finney

I have been inspired by some very lovely Pinterest pins lately. I’ve always been an image collector. Before the days of the iPad and Pinterest and the internet, I kept large binders filled with images that I would rip out of my mom’s craft magazines and various other magazines that I would come across. These were huge heavy black binders that were not easy to use but very inspiring whenever I took the time to browse through them.

Now I have Pinterest. I also use my iPad extensively for collecting images and ideas, as well as Lightroom, Onenote, Adobe Comp, and the internet. So the latest collection of pins that I have posted on my figurative inspiration board have all been very colorful abstracted figure paintings that I have been trying my hand at emulating.

All I can say is that they are fun, energetic and eye catching. I will keep doing these little Color Block Figures and hope for some true gems.

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