Ok, lets be honest here…it’s been more like A Figure Every So Often.

Well, good intentions that are not carried through is good motivation to at least accomplish a part of your easily produced fantastic vision of how the world should be. Which brings me to this long awaited Figure A Week post. Here it is

A Figure A Week 'Figure in Yellow Dress on Red'

Figure in Yellow Dress on Red

So here was how the dialog went in my head before I wrote this post. “I wonder what image I should use for my blog post. I like the painting I just did, maybe I should use that one, it’s a good one. But maybe I should save it.”

Save it for what?  There is this default attitude that I hold on to that if I show my best work that I won’t have anything left for later on. Another version of this goes like this – you can’t just show one good painting, you need a collection of really strong work before you can present it to the world. 

The problem is, I’m not always a good judge of my work. So why not just put it all out there as you create it?  It does not serve any purpose to hang on to it all. I am not the savviest of marketing geniuses but I am trying to put more time and energy into getting my work out where it can be seen and the first rule of success could be ‘don’t hide good work for a rainy day.’

Thanks for reading 🙂