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Circle Painting

This is one of my favorite small paintings/studies. I used gloss gel and made circle imprints with various cans/lids before the gel dried. One of my main concerns in my paintings is creating fine line within the composition. It is difficult to use drawing media on top of acrylic paints because of the characteristic of the paint (having that plastic feel) most dry media will not adhere to the surface of a painting. I’ve tried tiny paint brushes, paint in a squeeze bottle with a fine tip, and other methods. There is another problem of trying to draw over a highly textured surface – doesn’t work so well – that’s where the squeeze bottle technique was concieved. However this method looks a little contrived and I am not satisfied with my technique.
The best results I’ve had are the accidental lines – where paint will settle into a fine incised line or where the paint is dragged and the hair of a brush will create a fine line.

Drawing of Nude
This is why I love line – so simple but somehow says what I want. And that wispy charcoal smear running around the body, it’s just yummy.

Oil Sketch of Nude
This is what I love about a single brush painting using paint. All those subtle shifts in tone and the dark painterly parts. Not so well defined, makes it even better!

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